The Context
Covid, Quarantine, Racism, Fire, Smoke
“To be truly happy, though, one must simply know how to ‘be’, by that I meant be effectively with oneself —centered, kind, curious, and not fragile —in a changing world.” from Emotional Agility, by Susan David, Ph.D.
It’s Complicated, Just Breathe Through It
Wood fired in Hiroshi Ogawa’s Anagama kiln.
Are we of the land or is the land ours?
What Wild Salmon Need (and so do we!)
Woodfired in Hiroshi Ogawa’s Anagama kiln
As the Dharma Turns
Wood Soda fired in Pleasant Hill kiln
Inscriptions: May the merit of this practice benefit all beings and bring peace.
Compassion, gratitude, joy, lightness of body and spirit
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