Fired Up, ($75)
Fired Up
Why is it, if you take the “W” from “ wholeness” you end up with a “hole”? I enjoy playing with this thought. When I explore it a little more deeply, it seems that as I focus-in I see though the hole of a lens and the object of my attention grows bigger.

On the other hand, I can see the hole as a visual representations zero, or nothing. And then the inverse, I need something around nothing to define the absence.

For me, w/holeness deserves may moments contemplation or meditative awareness. By sitting with the concept, I open myself to a deeper focus, but sometimes rabbit holes that can lead to digressions, false tunnels of thought, and/or a window into being connected to a bigger whole. And the list goes on. The possibilities are endless, I say, thanks to our consciousness.

When I add to this, the scientific notion that our material world right down to its smallest bits, is filled with lots of emptiness, it seems wise to keep the concept of w/holeness alive and close by.

A Balanced Soul, (Not for Sale)
A Balanced Soul, (Not for Sale)
A W/holy Soul Adrift ($150)
A W/holy Soul Adrift
W/hole Pod, Sold
W/hole Pod, (SOLD)