About Woodland Sun

For over 20 years Jane Anderson and her family have lived on Woodland Sun, a woodland homestead in the hills of the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon. Wood harvested from the land heats the studio; solar charged batteries power the pottery wheel; rain water collected off the studio roof moistens the clay and helps clean the tools; and the heat of the sun in its greenhouse and garden helps to dry many of the ceramics. 

In 1994 my husband Monty Zukowski and I moved onto Woodland Sun, a woodland homestead on the edge of the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon. Here we set up my studio in the shop and Monty built me a kiln.  Living in the woods and attending community ceramics classes spurred my interest in wood-fired ceramics which led to me Hiroshi Ogawa and his traditional Japanese anagama kiln in Elkton, Oregon in 2013.  At that time, I also started building sculptures inspired by my practice of yoga and mindfulness.  Over the next five years I wood-fired my sculptures with Ogawa and his teams of wood-fire potters.  Sadly this came to an end in 2018 when Ogawa retired his kiln.  Since then I have been gas firing my sculptures in my own kiln as well as seeking other wood-fire opportunities.